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Welcome to our practice!

Our private practice is focused on supporting individuals and families in three key areas of life: love, loss, and transition with a unique focus on the human-animal bond.


We offer licensed counseling services supporting pet owners and animal lovers during extremely hard times.


We are considered thought leaders in the field and frequently participate in educational events and conferences.


We are passionate about teaching, training and helping professional in supporting their clients through pet loss, grief and bereavement.

About Love, Loss & Transition, LLC.

We were founded as a passionate response to fulfilling a need: supporting pet owners and animal lovers during extremely hard times, alongside making difficult decisions. The end of our companion animal’s life can present as a very challenging and difficult time in our lives. We are faced with having to make decisions such as pursuing treatment, disease management, and even whether or not to decide upon euthanasia.

The bond that is created between a human and their beloved pet is an extremely strong one. Whether our companion animal has two or four legs… scales, feathers, fur… pads or hooves, those extremely strong and loving connections can easily be made throughout our lifetimes.

We are here to support you during this difficult journey, and acknowledge how powerful the impact of our animal companions are within our daily lives.

About Adam Clark

Adam is the founder and owner of Love Loss & Transition, LLC. Adam received his Master of Social Work from the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver in Colorado. Specifically, he focused within the Institute for Human Animal Connection earning his Certification as an Animal Assisted Social Work Practitioner.

Adam started his focus working as an Equine Specialist and Equine Psychotherapist at various horse rescues both in the Mid-West and on the East Coast. As his career, focus, and passions grew, he found himself specialized as a Pet Loss & Bereavement Clinical Counselor at the esteemed Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Working within the team at the Argus Institute for Counseling and Support Services at the Veterinary Hospital, Adam honed his skillset to serve both pet owners and Veterinary Professionals in clinical intervention and communication techniques.

Adam’s passions grew into opportunities to teach, train, and support helping professionals, such as Social Workers, Psychologists, Family Therapists, and Licensed Counselors. At the same time, Adam also focused his work in continuing education opportunities, workshops, and trainings for Veterinary Professionals and other individuals who practice within the human-animal field.

Adam has spent time working as a Crisis Clinician at a suicide hotline supporting people through immediate crisis situations, working with severely and persistently mentally ill individuals in community based treatment, as well as a patient support staff at a Cancer Center.

Welcome to our practice!

Our private practice is focused on supporting individuals and families in three key areas of life: love, loss, and transition with a unique focus on the human-animal bond.

“I just wanted to thank you for your care and comfort to me and my dad during this most recent passing. This death was very sudden for us. I feel like you took the time and a genuine concern for our loss. Thank you so much for your comforting help.” » Counseling client

“Thank you again for our support and kindness throughout this whole journey. You’ve helped us stay strong and brave during it all and take it one day at a time.” » Counseling client

“You have been blessed with gifts that few other people have; you are trust worthy, compassionate, and are a great protector. You brought me humor and helped fill my day.” » Counseling client

“I want to thank you for all the comforting conversations we had. It was a very difficult time for me. Talking with you over the five and a half months always made me feel better. Your compassionate, gentle words stayed with me and comforted me as the weeks went by.” » Counseling client

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