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Our private practice is focused on supporting individuals and families in three key areas of life: love, loss, and transition with a unique focus on the human-animal bond.


The fact that you have even come to this page shows your connection, devotion, and passion towards your companion. Whether you have recently experienced the loss of your animal, or are currently facing difficult decisions around quality of life, we can help. We also understand that grief, loss, and transition is never “within the box” and any form of transition (or change) can impact us to the very core.

You might be feeling guilty, confused, unsure, frightened, or even angry right now. You also might have feelings of anxiety or depression. You might be faced with sleepless nights or the house is feeling so empty that the loneliness feels pervasive.

Maybe, you don’t feel that many people understand the connection you shared. You might be asking yourself, “why am I grieving so much?” You might even be trying to avoid or push through experiences of loss, attempting to ignore the emotions you feel.

Transitional Counseling

Sometimes, we need a different perspective, or way to see how something has occurred. Occasionally, we need to implement new skills and process things differently then we have in the past. We focus on transitions.

Believe it or not, you are the expert of yourself. To date, your success rate of getting through rough days has been 100%. That’s huge. You’ve learned skills, developed personality traits, and your own unique perspective that has helped you this far. That is absolutely wonderful. We can help you channel these abilities to cope with transition.

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Pet Loss

How we process through grief (or don’t process) can be explained by how we have lived. It is a combination of our experiences, our coping skills, and what we have been shown or taught about how to live. This expression can come out as our bereavement, or the way in which we grieve.

There is no “one way” to get through a difficult transition. Sometimes the feelings we face leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, fearful, or just plain confused. That is okay, and you’ve come to the right place.

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Quality of Life


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Veterinary Professionals

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