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Our private practice is focused on supporting individuals and families in three key areas of life: love, loss, and transition with a unique focus on the human-animal bond.

Speaking & Training Engagements

If you’re looking for a dynamic presentation that is backed by empirical directives and integrated with an innovative approach, you are in the right place.

Veterinary Professionals

Adam has spent time teaching, coaching, and guiding Veterinary Professionals with approaches that include:

  • Empathy building in communication approaches
  • Difficult conversations and awkward communication
  • “Bedside Manner”
  • Self-care strategies
  • “Dealing with the difficult client”
  • Veterinary Clinic Guideline implementation for difficult/angry clients

Adam has worked “in-the-trenches” with veterinarians, nurses, and technicians during his tenure at the Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Adam is equipped to support the veterinary professional needing extra guidance, perspective, and/or communication and delivery enhancement. Also, if you are a veterinary professional seeking counseling, please contact us. We are well aware of the long hours, high stress, and personal impact that faces those who work within the field of Veterinary Medicine, from doctor to technician to administrative staff.

Other Clinicians

We focus on the unique complexities that are associated within the stigma of pet loss, as well as the most effective interventions and modalities for supporting clients who are experiencing such a loss. Past topics have included:

  • Reducing cultural stigma associated with the loss of a companion animal
  • Animal-assisted helping professionals: helping clients while supporting ourselves in difficult transitions of our own companion
  • Supporting clients through pet loss, grief, and bereavement
  • Complex & unresolved grief experiences
  • Memorialization options and resources
  • Interventions and supportive modalities
  • Grieving pet loss across the ages and stages
  • Service animal loss, its unique impact and challenges

Recent Engagements

Assisting your clients with pet bereavement, grief, and loss.
Interactive workshop at VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado

Loveland, Colorado

Working with clients while navigating self-care strategies for veterinary technicians.
Training for Senior Veterinary Technicians from Front Range Community College and Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Fort Collins, Colorado

Difficult conversations and awkward communication.
Interactive training for Urban Vet Care Veterinary Clinic

Denver, Colorado.

Preparing social workers to address pet loss, bereavement, and related stress.
Interactive Workshop in the Clinical Practice Track, 61st Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education

Denver, Colorado

Enmeshment and detachment within the human-animal bond.
Presentation at 43rd Annual Veterinary Technicians Conference

Colby, Kansas.

Building children’s resiliency through their first pet loss experience.
Presentation at the Human-Animal Interaction Conference, “Growing Together: Children, Animals and Sowing the Seeds of Resiliency” at Green Chimneys

Brewster, New York

“Thank you so much for coming to UVC last week and giving such a wonderful talk. Your compassion and lightheartedness was just what we needed during such a difficult week. We all learned so much and really feel that we and our clients and patients will greatly benefit. Thanks again for your time. Hope to see you soon!” » Jamie, Urban Veterinary Clinic

“Thank you! You did an awesome job of teaching and talking about a difficult subject. You balances humor, curiosity, and serious material in an awesome way I could relate to.” » Graduate student

“Excellent pace of presentation good mix of gravity, depth, honor, humor and joy.” » Graduate student

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